Hi. I’m Gary Varner and I spend my days writing, sketching, pondering, and occasionally immersing in nature. While still harboring a love of travel, my travel these days is into words, insights, making of things, and distilling concepts and ponderings into simpler form.

I’m based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and enjoy our beautiful green springs and, believe or not, I love our rejuvenating and restorative white winters! (Yeah, last part's weird, I know.)

If you’ve not followed me over the years, some highlights since retiring from corporate life as a communication specialist (writer, presentation wizard, project developer, and more, for a Fortune 50 energy company):

  • Spent two years as a wandering road nomad exploring America in two different RV rigs. Check out my travel posts and glorious photos on the archived Adventures Nomadic blog.
  • Published a vanlife book: Modern Nomad: The Vanlife Alternative (paperback available directly here at my small press, or paperback & ebook available at Amazon).
  • Ran an online stationery shop, Notegeist, during the first pandemic year. Recently opened it again in the fall of 2022 through March 2023, but now closed. Dedicating the huge chunk of recaptured time from running the shop to full-time  writing, occassional sketching, and local theraputic nature immersion.
  • Developed this new site on the Ghost platform to increase my focus, commitment, and provide a better vehicle for sharing my work with readers. LOVE the speed and minimalistic approach Ghost offers and hope you do as well. No fuss, no frills, NO ADS, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading my work and gain good insights from it, sometimes a laugh or two, or enjoy my spin on the topic. Get in touch with me if yoiu wish via the Contact link or follow me on Instagram.

Words are sacred. They deserve respect.
If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.
– Tom Stoppard

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