Plan Z

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

Whenever there’s a process with external influences, or involving two or more parties, the wise planner has a primary plan with objectives and goals… and a hip-pocket Plan B, just in case. Always best to have at least one pre-thought-out alternate plan to keep moving forward should something burp along the way.

As one ages, another, different type of hip-pocket alternate plan seems necessary in case the worst happens. This one I call Plan Z.

Plan Z is not a typical alternative plan like a Plan B, etc., would be. It's not one I’ve thought of creating back in my younger days. Of course back then, we all thought we’d live forever, nothing would happen to us, etc., so rarely considered having a worst-case plan.

Case in point: I’ve sold my camper van this week to a buyer “of my generation” who’s flying in to purchase the van and drive it back home. The arrangement we agreed upon require him to wire the funds to my bank ahead of his arrival here. That way, verification could occur prior to signing papers, making the process quicker without surprises.

Thus our Plan Z was born: What happens if, after the wire transfer, the plane crashes en route to here? What if I succumb to some weird disease and pass away, or total the van on the way to the airport to pick him up? Younger me would not be concerned about the probability of such scenarios. Plan Z in our case is a signed, contingency document to help the wiring of funds back to the origin account if Plan Z activates.

All bow to the mighty protector, Plan Z (and hope like hell it’s never invoked).

Just one of the many interesting twists of thinking that happens with age maturity, sprinkled with a pinch of angst, and stirred with the milk of “it could happen!”

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