The Wind In My Sail

Arise each morning from a good night’s rest,
to work the early zone, my creative best.

Start each day well-fed, well-meant,
and every hour, live the moment.

Write daily to deep thought, illuminating places
like dark corners and untapped graces.

Be physical daily without easy excuses,
through walks, exercises, and declared truces.

Embrace an attitude to consistently attract
questioning of conclusion and opinion posing as fact.

Read deeply, with comfort zones at bay,
stick to this habit, do so every day.

Eat wisely and choose plants the most,
organic of course, but be humble, don’t boast.

Be a caring parent, a better friend,
but mostly a better listener to the end.

Tolerate one, tolerate all, and always forgive
myself and them: the best gift one can give.

Stay the course and I’ll succeed without fail,
if these be the winds that fill my sail.

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