Think About It

marching cards

I finally found the bastard: the one that’s been holding me back all these years. Funny thing, but I found him at a most unusual moment years ago.

Yep, it was him all right; the smug demeanor, those wily eyes that wouldn’t look me at me, that goofy grin of innocence. No doubt in my mind I’d found the culprit of crimes against me and there he was, staring back at me thoroughly disguised with shaving foam. It was… me.

For most of us, Pogo’s lament says it all: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” We all can be our worst disablers, our saboteurs if you will. We sometimes prevent ourselves from progressing because we’re so conditioned against it. Patterned behaviors from the past coupled with a desire to meet other’s expectations make it difficult to address, much less accept, the new or different. But any major change in life usually happens (or at least happens best) when we’re willing to open ourselves to the universe and accept what is. And that’s hard to do when we stubbornly blocking the path to our own future.

Want to change, progress, succeed? Then get out of the way.

Think about it.

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