When Is The Right Time?

When do you know it's the right time?

How can you tell when "now" is the moment to move forward, or hold back for another, potentially more appropriate time?

Image by annca from Pixabay

There are many subtle and not so subtle ways to tell. For me, it's when things converge as though choreographed by the whim of some higher power. Those moments usually are solid indications the path or activity is good.

Conversely, when it feels like you have to push, negotiate, bend, or settle to gain forward momentum, that is probably a sign to stop and think, or perhaps abandon the effort.

Moments like those with obvious barriers in the way should be mental red flags whispering "stop... maybe this isn't the right time or right idea." Don't confuse these types of barriers with valid challenges to proceed. If you're going around challenge barriers, then likely it's not the day for that pursuit. If you need to gear up mentally or gain more information to go through the challenge barrier, then that's a good thing and a good time to continue.

Getting there isn't half the fun – it's all the fun.
- Robert Townsend
Today most of our obstacles are internal, not external.”
– Ryan Holiday
The best way around an obstacle is through it. – Anon
This is a rewritten post from an experimental blog in 2015. Flow with Bliss, short-lived playground for me, provided a place to write brief thoughts influenced by Eastern philosophy and simplicity. Now and then I'll post something here from that brief effort.

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