I support free speech and tolerance for all, but a public playground like this needs stated behavior rules.

Simple rules:

  • Be nice and don’t make it personal. This means if you malign anyone (or any group), or use hate/hurtful speech, I’ll delete your comment and possibly ban you.

  • Stay clear of politics or religion. Opinions/views on either these days just adds to flames.

  • You’re welcome to link to your site, Substack, book, etc., but only if relevant to the post/topic.

  • No spam or product selling period. Mentioning/linking to your book or published work is cool, if relevant to the topic/discussion.


As a new publication, I’d love to connect with other Substacks, but I have two reasons I keep in mind when evaluating a recommendation:

  • Your publication is active and you’re publishing regularly.

  • Your topic relates (at least somewhat) to what I think my audience would like, the sort of stuff I write about here, or if I think it’s interesting and cool.


If you need to contact me: inkmuser at gmail dot com.

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