Modern Nomad (Book)

I wrote Modern Nomad based on my years of experience camping and traveling, but specifically while living semi-full-time in camper vans over a two year period. This is the book I wish I had before I entered vanlife. – Gary Varner

Modern Nomad is a philosophical and practical guide for new or experienced travelers who choose to travel and explore in a camping-equipped vehicle.

For part-time or full-time vanlifers, nomadic road warriors, and everyone in between, this book provides what you need to know. Some of the topics covered include how to start vanlife, choose the right vehicle for you, adapt it to your needs (working on the road, nature tourist, sports enthusiast, etc.), where to stay from wilderness areas to organized campgrounds, and how to handle personal and vehicle challenges while traveling.

Available in ebook or trade paperback at Amazon.

Free Modern Nomad preview PDF available here.