Travels: A Brief History

While traveling has been a welcomed part of my adult life, this site is much more than a travel newsletter, although some of that will show up here. I pulled travel posts I thought would be interesting from the old site and shared here. You can read them via the Travel tag in the sidebar. Also look for links to travel photo portfolios in the sidebar from years past for some armchair traveler’s eye candy.

After retiring from corporate life, I spent most of the next three years roaming America as a nomad on wheels. My first camper van was a Class B Winnebago Travato. After I sold that, I experimented with building a camper conversion in the back of a Subaru Outback! Sounds wild, but it worked, except I wasn’t twenty-something anymore, and crawling in and out each night wasn’t going to work for me!

My last ride was a Winnebago Solis Pocket, a smaller Class B camper van. I recently sold that and hope to order a Vistabule teardrop trailer in the future. If you’re not familiar with those, click the like to check out this retro, classic iconic version of a rolling tent with kitchen’

At my YouTube channel, Adventures Nomadic, you can watch a few camper van videos but especially covering of my Subaru Outback camper conversion experiment and travels.

For now, travels ahead will be more traditional (until or if the Vistabule arrives!). As I wander, I’ll share travelogue posts here.