Odd Socks

Hiatus for December, a new read with a quirky Swedish detective, plus double Laughs and Insights sections
Free and effective therapy against the noise, holiday feasting, a quirky but well-written novel, and more.
Early this year for my annual retreat to someplace woodsy, quiet, and absent of responsibilities; November already?; plus the usual extras.
Fall colors, Halloween's curious history, all-things-pumpkin, memories ... plus the usual Listens/Reads/Laughs/Insights bonus features
The folly of memory expectations, ignoring the rule of moving forward, October drawing challenge, and other stuff
Gorgeous formations to weather nerds, destructive forces of nature to others, memories of surviving one in Cuba, and other stuff
Mother Nature as an early mentor, learning things the hard way, and one of my few life regrets.
Do I need this, or just want it? Do I know the difference, and can I lock in self-control when necessary? Sometimes I wonder.
Essential liquid, this clear stuff: born in it, recreate in and on it, bath luxuriously in it... the latter my focus in this inaugural newsletter issue.